Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta Chapter-1 Sloka -16 Anantvijay Raja Kuntiputro Mp3

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Geeta Shlok/Lyrics Name : anantavijayan raaja kunteeputro yudhishthirah. nakulah sahadevashch sughoshamanipushpakau.
Album Name : Shrimad Bhgwat Geeta Mahakavya
Published Year : 2016
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अनन्तविजयं राजा कुन्तीपुत्रो युधिष्ठिरः।
नकुलः सहदेवश्च सुघोषमणिपुष्पकौ।।1.16।।

Kunti’s son, the king Yudhisthira blew the Anantavijaya; Nakula and Sahadeva blew [respectively] the Sughosa and the Manipuspaka.

The King Dharmaraja, the son of Kunti, blew the Anantavijaya, Nakalu and Sahadeo, the Sugosh and Manipushpaka, respectively.


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