Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta Chapter-17 Sloka-22 Adeshakaale Yaddaanamapaatrebhyashch Deeyate.

Geeta Shlok/Lyrics Nameadeshakaale yaddaanamapaatrebhyashch deeyate.
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Published Year : 2016
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मूल श्लोकः
अदेशकाले यद्दानमपात्रेभ्यश्च दीयते।
असत्कृतमवज्ञातं तत्तामसमुदाहृतम्।।17.22।।

The gift which is given, at a wrong place, at a wrong time and to unworthy persons; and which is converted into a bad act and is disrespected – that is declared to be of the Tamas.

And that which is given at an unsuitable place or time or to one who is unworthy, or with disrespect or contempt – such a gift is the result of Ignorance.


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