Lahoo Lahoo Yeshu Ka Lahoo Hindi Lyrics Yeshu Song By Ernest Mall

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Name:Lahoo Lahoo Yeshu Ka Lahoo
Singer Name:Ernest Mall
Album Name :***
Published Year:2018
File Size:05:37 M
Time Duration:04:00 MB

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Lahoo Lahoo Yeshu Ka Lahoo
Gunahon Ko Mere Dhota Hai

Masah Masah Masih Ka Masah
Bandhan Saare Kholta Hai

Bade Bade Na Peeche Hatein
Khudawant Ka Rooh Farmata Hai

Shamaa Shamaa Sampoorna Shamaa
Paakh Lahoo Dilata Hai

Khuda Khuda Hamaara Khuda
Dil May Rehna Chahta Hai

Khuda Khuda Hamaara Khuda
Rooh Se Bharna Chahta Hai

Daray Daray Na Hargiz Daray
Khudavanth Ka Rooh Samjhata Hai

Vijay Vijay Shaitaan Par Vijay
Yeshu Masih Dilaata Hai


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