Jo Tum Todo Piya Main Nahi Todu Re Devotional Krishna Bhajan Full Lyrics

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Lyrics Name:Jo Tum Todo Piya Main Nahi Todu Re
Album Name :Krishna Bhajan
Published Year:2017
File Size:6MB Time Duration :04:39:00

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jo tum todo piya, main naahee todoo re.
toree preet todee krshna, kaun sang jodoo.

tum bhaye taruvar, main bhayee pankhiya.
tum bhaye sarovar, main bhayee machhiya.

tum bhaye girivar, main bhayee chaara.
tum bhaye chanda main bhayee chakora.

tum bhaye motee prabhu jee, ham bhaye dhaaga.
tum bhaye sona, ham bhaye suhaaga.

baee meera ke prabhu brj ke baasee.
tum mere thaakur, maee teree daasee.


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