Hum Hai Tere Deewane -Lyrics Sai Baba Bhajan By Aakash Deva

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Name:Hum Hai Tere Deewane
Singer Name:Aakash Deva
Album Name :***
Published Year:2018
File Size:06:05 M
Time Duration:05:00 MB

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saee teree rehamat se ham gamo ko kya jaane,
tera naam lete hai ham hai tere deevaane,
saee teree rehamat se…

hamako to bas aata hai tere ishq mein mitana,
too hamaaree samaan hai ham hai tere paravaane,
saee teree rehamat se ……

too kahee pe insa hai aur kahee khuda hai too,
roop tere hai kitane akaal vaale kya jaane,
saee teree rehamat se ……..

ab to bas aakaash deva ehi jaata phirata hai,
apanee kirapa kar dee hai mujhape saee baaba mein,
saee teree rehamat se ………


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