Guru Murati Gati Chandrama Sevak Nain Chakor Kabir Amritvani Full Lyrics

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Lyrics Name:Guru Murati Gati Chandrama
Album Name :Kabir Amritvani
Published Year:2017
File Size:5MB Time Duration :03:49:00

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guru murati gati chandrama, sevak nain chakor…2||
aath pahr nirkhat rahe, guru murati ki or॥
Kabira….guru murati ki or॥

guru so pritinivaahiye, jehi tad nibahte sant…2||
prem bina dhig dur hai, prem nikat guru kant॥
Kabeera….prem nikat guru kant॥

Guru bin gyan na upje guru bin mile na mos…2||
Guru bin lakhe na satya ko guru bin mite na dosh||
Kabeera…guru bin mite na dosh||

guru murati aage khadi, dutiyaa bhed kuch naahin…2||
unhin kun parnaam kari, sakal timir mitai jaahin॥
Kabeera…sakal timir mitai jaahin॥


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