Baksho Mujhe Mehandipur Wale Lyrics Sing By Ranjeet Raja

Baksho Mujhe Mehandipur Wale

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Baksho Baksho Mujhe Mehandipur Wale
Bakshdo Garib Jaan Ke

Bakshdo Garib Jan Ke
Ik Tera Hi Mujhako Sahara
Bakshado Garib Jaan Ke

Charanon Mein Apane Dedo Thikana
Dil Ka Dard Hai Tum Ko Sunana
Ab Tum Hi Ho Mere RakhaWale
Bakshado Garib Jaan Ke

Ujada Chaman Mera Phir Se Khila Do
Bhuj Gai Asha Ki Jyot Jaga Do
Upakar Karo Mehandipur Wale
Bakshdo Garib Jaan Ke

Balihari Jaoo Mere Hanumat Pyare
Tan Man Sab Ab Tere HaWale
Bhav Sagar Se Par Lagade
Bakshdo Garib Jaan Ke

Ranajit Raja Baba Hai Tera Divana
Ik Man Chit Ho Tujhako Mana
Mere Jivan Mein Karade Savera
Bakshdo Garib Jaan Ke

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