Ye Garv Bhara Mastak Mera Ram Bhajan Full Lyrics By Hari Om Sharan

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Lyrics Name:Ye Garv Bhara Mastak Mera
Singer Name:Hari Om Sharan
Album Name :Ram Bhajan
Published Year:2017
File Size:6MB Time Duration :04:38:00

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ye garv bhara mastak mera prabhu charan dhool tak jhukane de,
ahankaar vikaar bhare man ko, nij nazm kee maala japane de,
ye garv bhara mastak mera..

main man ke mail ko dho na saka,ye jeevan tera ho na saka,
haan..ho na saka,main premee hoon, itana na jhuka,
gir bhee jo padoon to uthane de,
ye garv bhara mastak mera..

main gyaan kee baaton mein khoya aur karmaheen padhakar soya,
jab aankh khulee to man roya, jag soye mujhako jagane de,
ye garv bhara mastak mera..

jaisa hoon main khota ya khara,nirdosh sharan mein aa to gaya,
haan..aa to gaya,ik baar ye kah de khaalee ja,
ya preet kee reet jhalakane de,
ye garv bhara mastak mera..


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