Shyam Harjaayi Kahe Tose Preet Lagayi Krisna Bhajan Lyrics Abhas Joshi

Lyrics Name:Shyam Harjaayi Kahe Tose Preet Lagayi
Singer Name:#AbhasJoshi#
Album Name :#KrishnaBhajan#
Published Year 2013
File Size:8MB Time Duration :06:10:00

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shyaam harajaee, kaahe tose preet lagaee
chain gavaanya, nindiya gavaeen,
tan man sudh bisaraee
kaahe tose preet lagaee . . .

aavan kah gae, aj hu na aaye
tak tak naina bhar bhar aaye
dekhi teree nithuraee,

nithur kanhaee ..
kaahe tose preet lagaee . .


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