Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta Shlok Chapter –1 Shlok –39 Kathan NaGyeyamasmaabhih

Geeta Shlok/Lyrics Name kathan na gyeyamasmaabhih paapaadasmaannivartitum.kulakshayakrtan doshan prapashyadbhirjanaardan .
Album Name : Shrimad Bhgwat Geeta Mahakavya
Published Year : 2016
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कथं न ज्ञेयमस्माभिः पापादस्मान्निवर्तितुम्।
कुलक्षयकृतं दोषं प्रपश्यद्भिर्जनार्दन।।1.39।।

But, perceiving clearly the evil conseences ensuing from the ruin of the family, should we not have a sense to refrain from this sinful act [of fighting the war], O Janardana ?
Should not we, whose eyes are open, who consider it to be wrong to annihilate our house, turn away from so great a crime?


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