Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta Chapter-1 Sloka-8 Bhavaan Bheeshmashch Karnashch Krpashch


Geeta Sloka/Lyrics Name :Bhavaan Bheeshmashch Karnashch Krpashch Amitinjayah.Ashvatthaatma Vikarnashch Saumadattistatha .
Album Name :Shrimad BHagwat Geeta Sloka
Published Year :2016
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भवान्भीष्मश्च कर्णश्च कृपश्च समितिञ्जयः।
अश्वत्थात्मा विकर्णश्च सौमदत्तिस्तथैव च।।1.8।।

Your goodself, and Bhisma, and Karna, krpa, Salya, Jayadratha, Asvatthaman, and Vikarna, and Somadatta’s son, the valourous;

You come first; then Bheeshma, Karna, Kripa, great soldiers; Ashwaththama, Vikarna and the son of Somadhatta;


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