Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta Chapter-1 Sloka -26 Tatraapashyatsthitaanpaarthah Pitrnath



Geeta Shlok/Lyrics Name :tatraapashyatsthitaanpaarthah pitrnath pitaamahaan.aachaaryaanmaatulaan .
Album Name : Shrimad Bhgwat Geeta Mahakavya
Published Year : 2016
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तत्रापश्यत्स्थितान्पार्थः पितृ़नथ पितामहान्।

Noticing all those kinsmen arrayed [in the army], the son of Kunti was overpowered by unmost compassion; and being despondent, he uttered this:
There Arjuna noticed fathers, grandfathers, uncles, cousins, sons, grandsons, teachers, friends;


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