Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta Chapter-1 Shlok 13 Tatah Shankhaashch Bheryashch


Mp3 Song/Lyrics Name :tatahshankhaashchbheryashchpanavaanaka
Album Name :Shrimad BHagwat Geeta
Published Year :2016
File Size :67KB Time Duration :16:00:00

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ततः शङ्खाश्च भेर्यश्च पणवानकगोमुखाः।
सहसैवाभ्यहन्यन्त स शब्दस्तुमुलोऽभवत्।।1.13।।

Then all on a sudden, the conch-shells, drums, tabors, trumpets, and cow-horns were sounded; that sound was tumultuous.
And immediately all the conches and drums, the trumpets and horns, blared forth in tumultuous uproar.


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