Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta Chapter-7 Sloka-25 naahan prakaashah sarvasy yogamaayaasamaavrtah.

geeta image ch-7 Sl-25

Geeta Shlok/Lyrics Name:naahan prakaashah sarvasy yogamaayaasamaavrtah.moodhoyan naabhijaanaati loko maamajamavyayam..
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मूल श्लोकः
नाहं प्रकाशः सर्वस्य योगमायासमावृतः।
मूढोऽयं नाभिजानाति लोको मामजमव्ययम्।।7.25।।

Being surrounded by the trick-of-yoga-Illusion, I am not clear to all; [and hence] this deluded world [of perceivers] does not recognise Me, the unborn and the undying.

I am not visible to all, for I am enveloped by the illusion of Phenomenon. This deluded world does not know Me as the Unborn and the Imperishable.


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