Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta Chapter-18 Sloka-4 Nishchayan Shrrnu Me Tatr Tyaage Bharatasattam


Geeta Shlok/Lyrics Name:nishchayan shrrnu me tatr tyaage bharatasattam.
tyaago hi purushavyaaghr trividhah samprakeertitah.
Album Name : Shrimad Bhgwad Geeta Mahakavya
Published Year : 2016
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मूल श्लोकः
निश्चयं श्रृणु मे तत्र त्यागे भरतसत्तम।
त्यागो हि पुरुषव्याघ्र त्रिविधः संप्रकीर्तितः।।18.4।।

best of Bharata’s descendants ! Listen to My considered view about relinishing : Indeed the act of relinishing is rightly spoken to be three-fold, O best among men !

O best of Indians! Listen to my judgment as regards this problem. It has a threefold aspect


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