Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta Chapter-10 Sloka- 6 Maharshayah Sapt Poorve Chatvaaro Manavastatha

Geeta Image ch-10 sl-6
Geeta Shlok/Lyrics Name:maharshayah sapt poorve chatvaaro manavastatha.madbhaava maanasa jaata yeshaan lok imaah prajaah.
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Published Year : 2016
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मूल श्लोकः
महर्षयः सप्त पूर्वे चत्वारो मनवस्तथा।
मद्भावा मानसा जाता येषां लोक इमाः प्रजाः।।10.6।।

The ancient Seven Great-Seers and also the Four Manus,of whom these creatures in this world are offsprings-they have been born as My mental dispositions.

The seven Great Seers,* the Progenitors of mankind, the Ancient Four,** and the Lawgivers were born of My Will and come forth direct from Me. The race of mankind has sprung from them. [* Mareechi, Atri, Angira, Pulah, Kratu, Pulastya, Vahishta. ** The Masters: Sanak, Sanandan, Sanatan, Sanatkumar.]


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