Sanwariya Le Chal Parli Paar Krishna Bhajan Full Lyrics By Jaya Kishori Ji

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Lyrics Name:Sanwariya le chal Parli Paar
Singer Name:Jaya Kishori Ji
Album Name :Krishna Bhajan
Published Year:2017
File Size:12MB Time Duration :08:55:00

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kanhaiya le chal paralee paar,
saanvariya le chal paralee paar.
jahaan viraaje raadha raanee,
alabelee sarakaar.

vinatee meree maan sanehee,
tan man hai kurbaan sanehee,
kab se aas lie baithee hoon,
jag ko baandh kiye baithee hoon,
main to tere sang chaloongee .
le chal mujhako paar .
saanvariya le chal paralee paar…

gun avagun sab tere arpan,
paap puny sab tere arpan,
buddhi sahat man tere arpan,
yah jeevan bhee tere arpan .
main tere charano kee daasee
mere praan aadhaar .
saanvariya le chal paralee paar…

teree aas laga baithee hoon,
lajja sheel gava baithee hoon,
main apana aap loota baithee hoon,
aankhen khoob thaka baithee hoon .
saanvariya main teree raaginee,
too mera raag malhaar .
saanvariya le chal paralee paar…

jag kee kuchh paravaah nahin hai,
soojhatee ab koee raah nahin hai.
tere bina koee chaah nahin hai.
aur bachee koee raah nahin hai .
mere preetam, mere maajhee,
ab karado beda paar .
saanvariya le chal paralee paar…

aanand dhan jaha baras raha,
peey peey kar koee baras raha hai,
patta patta harash raha hai,
bhagat bechaara kyon taras raha hai .
bahut huee ab haar gayee main,
kyon chhoda majhadaar .
saanvariya le chal paralee paar…


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