Sab Hi Dhaam Dekh Lena Lord Krishna Bhajan Full Lyrics By Abhas Joshi

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Lyrics Name:Sab Hi Dhaam Dekh Lena
Singer Name:Abhas Joshi
Album Name :Krishna Bhajan
Published Year:2017
File Size:7MB Time Duration :05:16:00

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sab hee dhaam dekh lena, har jahaan hai shyaam shyaam,
har ek naam bol lena, har ek naam hai shyaam shyaam
man mein, tan mein, kan kan mein hai vo shyaam shyaam ||

dvaaraka, mathura, gokul mein, brij mein brindaaban mein shyaam
dharatee paataal aur gagan mein hai vo shyaam shyaam ||

govind gireedhar gopaal, devakeenand nandalaal
maadhav mukund (aur) madhusoodan bhee hai vo shyaam shyaam ||

raadheshyaam, meeraashyaam , tera shyaam, mera shyaam
tera, mera, sabaka, kotee kotee hai pranaam ||


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