Rang Mat Daro Re Sanwariya Krishna Bhajan Mp3 Lyrics Manish Tiwari

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Lyrics Name:Rang Mat Daro Re Sanwariya
Singer Name:#ManishTiwari#
Album Name :#Bhajan#
Published Year 2014
File Size:13MB Time Duration :09:45:00


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Rang Mat Daale Re Saanvariya, Mhaane Gujar Maare Re,
Rang Mat Daale Re…

saans buree chhe mhaaree nanad hatheelee
ho paranaayo baeemaan baalam peechhe pagade rang mat daale re
ho ho rang mat daale re saanvariya…

julam kar daalyon sitam kar daalyon…
kaale ne…kaale ne…kaale ne kar diyo laal, julam kar daalyon

koee daale neelo peelo, koee daale haro gulaabee
kaanha ne…kaanha ne…kaanha ne daalyon laal, julam kar daalyon

holee khelaanga aapa giradhar gopaal se…
tum jholee bharalo re bhakto, rang aur gulaal se

ho laenge vo sang apanee gvaal paal kee tolee
mein bhee rang abeer maloongee, aur maathe par rolee
bach bachake rahana unakee tedee medee chaal se
holee khelaanga aapa giradhar gopaal se…

shyaam piya kee baje baansuriya, aur gvaalo ke majeere
shankh bajaaye lalita naache raadha dheere dheere….!!
gaenge phaag milake ham bhee sur taal se…
holee khelaanga aapa giradhar gopaal se….!!


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