RadhaVallabh Temple – Aarti Darshan & Kirtan | Braj Ras

RadhaVallabh Temple – Aarti Darshan & Kirtan | Braj Ras

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RadhaVallabh Temple - Aarti Darshan & Kirtan | Braj RasTitle : RadhaVallabh Temple – Aarti Darshan & Kirtan | Braj Ras
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Date: 2019-05-19 11:43:56
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Songs Info :There are very beautiful bhajan RadhaVallabh Temple – Aarti Darshan & Kirtan | Braj Ras that will hear you become
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Songs Info : बहुत ही सुन्दर भजन हैं सावन स्पेशल ! RadhaVallabh Temple – Aarti Darshan & Kirtan | Braj Ras जिसे सुनकर आप भाव विभोर हो जायेंगे ऐसे ही बहुत सारे भजनो का संग्रह हैं भक्तिगाने में मिलेगा , खुद भी सुने और दुसरो को भी सुनाये और साथ में शेयर कर हमें सहयोग प्रदान करे

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Shri Radhavallabh Temple is exactly located in Vrindavan District Mathura, State Uttar Pradesh and Country India. It is situated near Bankey Bihari Temple. “Shri Radha Vallabh Darshan Durlabh” The darshan of Shri Radha Vallabh is very difficult. This saying itself is enough to give the knowledge of the service of Shri Radha Vallabh Ji. Hit Harivansh Ji was born in a village, at the instructions of Shri Radha Rani, he left for Vrindavan. He was the incarnation of Lord Krishna’s Flute.

When he reached Charthawal Village, Shri Ji instructed him again that in the village one Brahmin will give him two daughters and you should marry them as per the customs. Shri Shri Radha Rani alone was his guru. When he was only 6 years only, the Shlokas of Shri Radha Sudhanidhi appeared from his mouth continuously.

Radha Vallabh History: Ancestor of Atmadeva Brahman had performed penance at mount Kailasha worshipping Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva became pleased and insisted too much upon ancestor of that Atmadeva Brahman to be blessed with his desired wish. Then he asked for the most cherished thing of Lord Shiva.

Then Lord Shiva gave him the deity of Shri RadhaVallabh Ji Maharaj from his heart and told him the method of its service. Shri Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu carried this Deity, which on his arrival at Vrindavan was set up at ‘Oonchi Thaur’ (High Cliff) (Madanter) on the bank of the Yamuna. On the thirteen day of bright fortnight of the month of Karthika (oct-nov), Shri Harivansh Ji Maharaj celebrated the festival of the beginning of the service of Shri Radha Vallabh Ji. Shri Radha Vallabh Ji initially used to be virajman in Madan Teira, then he moved to Sewa Kunj. Afterwards when this temple is constructed, he became virajman here ever since. There is no deity of Shri Radhika with Shri Radha Vallabha, but there is a crown on the altar instead, which is worshipped as Radhika. Also Its considered Radha and Krishna together in Radha Vallabh Deity. Bent Form, Eyes filled with intoxication, naughty smile, beautiful form, everything attracts the mind forcibly. When Shri Krishna plays Murali, it attracts all the Gopis, Similarly It is only within the power of Shri Harivansh Ji being the Murali avtar, to make the Raas filled depiction of the union and the separation.

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Radhey Radhey.


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