Payo Nidhi Ram Nam Sakal Shaanti Sukh Nidhaan Ram Bhajan Mp3 Lyrics Bhola

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unnamed#BHAKTIGAANE #PayoNidhiRamNam
Lyrics Name:Payo Nidhi Ram Naam
Singer Name: #VNShrivastav
Album Name : #Bhola
Published Year 2011
File Size:9MB Time Duration :06:27:00

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paayo nidhi raam naam, paayo nidhi raam naam .
sakal shaanti sukh nidhaan, sakal shaanti sukh nidhaan .
paayo nidhi raam naam…

sumiran se peer harai, kaam krodh moh jarai .
aanand ras ajar jharai, hovai man poorn kaam .
paayo nidhi raam naam…

rom rom basat raam, jan jan mein lakhat raam .
sarv vyaapt brahm raam, sarv shaktimaan raam .
paayo nidhi raam naam…

gyaan dhyaan bhajan raam, paap taap haran naam .
suvichaarit tathy ek, aadi madhy ant raam .
paayo nidhi raam naam…


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