Mera Man Ho Gayo Lata Pata Shri Krishna Bajan Vivek Sharma Lyrics Song

Lord-Iskcon-Radha-Krishna 2
Mp3 Song Lyrics Song:kab se khojoon banavaaree ko,banavaaree ko, giridhaaree ko.koee bata de usaka pata,mero man hai gayo lata pata.

Album:Krishna Bajan

Singer:Vivek Sharma


File Size:8MB Time Duration:06:21:00minutes

baanke bihaaree kee dekh chhata,
mero man hai gayo lata pata.

kab se khojoon banavaaree ko,
banavaaree ko, giridhaaree ko.
koee bata de usaka pata,
mero man hai gayo lata pata.

mor mukut shyaamal tan dhaaree,
kar muralee adharan sajee pyaaree.
kamar mein baande peela pata,
mero man hai gayo lata pata.

paniya bharan yamuna tat aaee,
beech mein mil gae krshn kanhaee.
phor diyo paanee ko ghata,
mero man hai gayo lata pata.


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