Mayi Maharo Supanama Praneyo Re Deenanath Krishna Bhajan Mp3 Lyrics Lata Mangeshkar

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Lyrics Name:Mayi Maharo Supanama Praneyo Re Deenanath
Singer Name:#LataMangeshkar#
Album Name :#KrishnaBhajan#
Published Year 2011
File Size:6MB Time Duration :04:09:00

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Maee Mhaaro Supanaama,
Paraneya Re Deenaanaath

chhappan kota jana padhaaraya,
dulho shree brjanaath
supana ma toran bandhya ree,
supanaama gahaya haath

supanaama mhaare paran gaya,
paaya achal suhaag
meera ro giridhar miliya ree,
poorab janam ro bhaagy…


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