Hey Shivnandan Gajanana Ganesh Bhajan Mp3 Lyrics Abhinav Kumar

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Lyrics Name:Hey Shivnandan Gajanana Ganesh Bhajan
Singer:Abhinav Kumar
Album Name:Ganesh Bhajan
Published Year 2016
File Size: 7MB Time Duration :05:6

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he gananaayaka, ganaraaj,
ganapati, gunapati ||

he shivanandan gajaanana, he shivanandan gajaanana
tere charan mein arpan hai ye saat svaronkee maala. dhr.

rangabhavan ye mandir tera, manch pe tere pujaaree
tere rang mein rang lenge prabhu, rang de shyaam hamaaree
rasiko mein hai teree moorat, ranjan teree pooja. 1.

too hai kala ka megh raaj, ham boond boond ke pyaase
rom rom pulakit ho jae, aisee krpa barasa de
janam saphal ho aisa var do, aur na koee dooja. 2.


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  1. I am happy to see my song ( lyrics & Music) on your website. Also curious to know how it reached or how and fro where you picked it from ?

    I have more Bhaktee Compositions , which I would like to have them on your website ..

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