Hanuman Chalisa I Baby Shriya Madhuri & Baby Vaishnavi

Hanuman Chalisa I Baby Shriya Madhuri & Baby Vaishnavi

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Hanuman Chalisa I Baby Shriya Madhuri & Baby VaishnaviTitle : Hanuman Chalisa I Baby Shriya Madhuri & Baby Vaishnavi
Published By: Strumm Spiritual
Date: 2018-04-09 12:27:40
Category: #Hanuman Chalisa
Label: Youtube
Video Duration : 00:13:38
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Songs Info :There are very beautiful bhajan Hanuman Chalisa I Baby Shriya Madhuri & Baby Vaishnavi that will hear you become
disturbed, many such Bhajans are available in Bhaktigaane, listen to yourself and also tell others and share them together to help us

Songs Info : बहुत ही सुन्दर भजन हैं स्पेशल ! Hanuman Chalisa I Baby Shriya Madhuri & Baby Vaishnavi जिसे सुनकर आप भाव विभोर हो जायेंगे ऐसे ही बहुत सारे भजनो का संग्रह हैं भक्तिगाने में मिलेगा , खुद भी सुने और दुसरो को भी सुनाये और साथ में शेयर कर हमें सहयोग प्रदान करे

Hinduism’s most popular prayer for positive energy. Every time one experiences negativity in the world and within oneself, every time one encounters jealousy, rage and frustration, manifesting as violation and violence, one hears, or reads, the Hanuman Chalisa. Composed over four hundred years ago by Tulsidas, its simple words in Awadhi, a dialect of Hindi and its simple metre, musically and very potently evoke the mythology, history and mystery of Hanuman, the much-loved deity, through whom Vedic wisdom reaches the masses.

Song – Hanuman Chalisa
Singers – Baby Shriya Madhuri & Baby Vaishnavi
Album- Divine Chants for Material & Spiritual Abundance
Music Director – Sai Madhukar
Producers – R Baba Krishna Mohan & R B Sudha
Marketing & Distribution – Strumm Entertainment Pvt Ltd


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