Ghar Mein Padharo Gajananji Ganesh Bhajan Lyrics Sapna Awasthi

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Lyrics Name:Ghar Mein Padharo Gajananji Ganesh Bhajan
Singer:Sapna Awasthi
Album Name:Ganesh Bhajan
Published Year 2013
File Size: 7MB Time Duration :04:55


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ghar mein padhaaro gajaananajee, mere ghar mein padhaaro
riddhi siddhi leke aao ganaraaja, mere ghar mein padhaaro.

raam jee aana, lakshman jee aana
sang mein laana seeta maiya, mere ghar mein padhaaro.

bramha jee aana, vishnu jee aana
bhole shashankar jee ko le aana, mere ghar mein padhaaro.

lakshmee jee aana, gauree jee aana
sarasvatee maiya ko le aana, mere ghar mein padhaaro.

vighan ko haarana, mangal karana,
kaaraj shubh kar jaana, mere ghar mein padhaaro.


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