Ek Doli Chali Ek Arthi Chali Heart Touching Nirgun Bhajan Full Lyrics

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Lyrics Name:Ek Doli Chali Ek Arthi Chali
Singer Name:Gyanender Sherma
Album Name :Nirgun Bhajan
Published Year:2017
File Size:15MB Time Duration :10:46:00

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Ek Doli Chali Ek Arthi Chali
aat donon mein kuchh is tarah se chalee ,
bolee dolee tumhe kisane dhoka diya,
tera ye kya kiya ??
too bata de jara mujhako e dil jalee,
kahaan too chalee…??
arthee bolee …….

chaar tujhame lage, chaar mujhame lage (kandhe)
phul tujhape saje, phul mujhape saje,
phark itana hee hai ab sun le sakhee,
too piya ko chalee mai prabhu ko chalee ..!!

maang teree bharee, maang meree bharee ,
choodee teree haree, choodee meree haree ,
phark itana hee hai ab sun le sakhee..
too jahaan mein chalee, mai jahaan se chalee..!!

ek sajan tera khush ho jaayega ,
ek sajan mera mujhako ro jaayega ,
phark itana hee hai ab sun le sakhee,,
too vida ho chalee ….
mai alavida ho chalee …!!


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