Dadi Walo Ki Diwali Rani Sati Bhajan Mp3 Lyrics Saurabh Madhukar

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#BHAKTIGAANE#Dadi Walo Ki Diwali Rani Sati Bhajan#
Lyrics Name:DadiWaloKiDiwaliRaniSatiBhajan
Singer:Saurabh Madhukar
Album Name :Rani Sati Bhajan
Published Year : 2016
File Size: 5MB Time Duration :3:47


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aaee aaee re … aaee aaee re …
aaee aaee daadee vaalon kee divaalee,
chaalo jhunjhunoo bulaaye jhunjhanavaalee |

bhaadave ko melo yo to bado alabelo,
jhunjhunoo se aayo mhaaree daadee jee ko helo,
bhaadee maavas kee-… bhaadee maavas kee-…
bhaadee-maavas kee mahima niraalee,
chaalo jhunjhunoo bulaaye jhunjhanavaalee |

dhora ree dharatee mein saj rayo daadee ko darabaar,
“saurabh madhukar” daadee vaala ho jao taiyaar,
namo naaraayanee … namo naaraayanee …
namo naaraayanee gao de-de taalee,
chaalo jhunjhunoo bulaaye jhunjhanavaalee |

aaee aaee re … aaee aaee re …


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